Terms & Conditions

Home Automate provides a subscription package that allows the bridging between compatible smart devices for the benefits of the user's smart technology co-ordination. The purchase of the Core is an agreement to the Core terms and conditions.


1a. The Core membership subscription will continue until terminated. To use the Core service, you must have access to compatible devices and provide Home Automate with one or more payment methods. “Payment method” means a current, valid, accepted method of payment, as may be updated from time to time, and which may include payment through your account with a third party. Unless you cancel the membership before your billing date, you authorise Home Automate to charge the membership fee for the next billing cycle to your payment method.

1b. Home Automate reserve the right to offer a number of membership plans, including promotional plans. The plan conditions will be displayed on sign up and form an agreement between both parties.

1c. Termination via any method during a billing cycle will result in the service being usable until the billing cycle has passed and regardless of billing cycle duration. The amount paid will be non-refundable, but all future payments will be ceased alongside the service.


2a. All devices supplied by Home Automate can be referred to but not restricted to 'goods', 'components', 'products'. Every component supplied by Home Automate comes with a valid warranty provided by the supplier or component developer. Home Automate pass on the direct warranty protocols and rights to the consumer including to provide it's best to ensure the supplier adheres to their warranty. Home Automate will not provide details of each components warranty to the end-user, however, on request can supply details of specific products and suppliers warranties. All components will be tested for general wear and tear and will refuse acceptance of components enduring malpractice, resulting in the component's warranty becomes invalid.


3a. Home Automate provide an installation guide within the documentation included in the packaging. Further details can be obtained by contacting Home Automate for support.


4a. Home Automate offer a standard package charge for the Core’s services within a billing cycle

4b. The billing cycle refers to the monthly or annual subscription charge which the customer has subscribed too.

4c. Payments will be processed by direct debit for EU/UK customers and card payments for international customers.

4d. Payments will be processed on the same date as to when the subscription was initiated unless the billing date doesn’t feature within the month, then payment will be processed on the closest date within the specified month. Payments on all future month’s will revert back to the initial billing date.

4e. All direct debit payments will be debited by DAPA Solutions LTD and may appear on statements with this accreditation.


5a. Home Automate reserve the right to access an end-users system configuration through remote access at any time. Home Automate do not require to supply a reason behind accessing the information, whereby checks will be completed to ensure the functionality of the system meets Home Automate standards. In the event that Home Automate discover that a software update is available for components, Home Automate will automatically approve the update to maintain the performance of the system, this may result in the system reporting errors during download and installation, however, the end-user will be able to wait for the system to reboot o regular functionality. 


6a. Home Automate reserves the right to label all products, configuration and designs under copyright laws. Any infringement or manipulation will result in Home Automate reporting the party to the relevant authorities.


7a. Home Automate will aim to adhere to extremely high standards of support for all customers. If an issue requires support or you’d like to discuss a query. Please contact our team on 0333 577 7797 or


8a. All complaints regarding a Home Automate employee/representative, component or service provided are taken with high severity and anonymity.

8b. All complaints must be submitted in writing ONLY to our technical director for review to

8c. We will aim to respond to all initial complaints within 5 working days.

8d. We reserve the right to trace through all employee correspondence to check factual details regarding the complaint.

8e. All complaint correspondence will be managed over email for discrepancy and recordings of all communication between both parties.

8f. All outcomes decided by the technical director will be final.


9a. Delivery payment must be processed when ordering the HAB in order for Home Automate to request delivery of the device.

9b. All UK and international orders are delivered via courier with updated notifications provided throughout the delivery process.

9c. UK deliveries typically arrive within one week of purchase.


10a. All devices are rigorously tested prior to delivery, however, in the event that a device is deemed faulty. Please contact Home Automate to process your return. All returns must abide by the process outlined in 10b.

10b. Once a faulty device has been logged, Home Automate will try to support the customer remotely to resolve the issue. If unsuccessful, the customer will be responsible to return the device back to Home Automate (5 Regents Park, Booth Drive, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough NN8 6GR). Following receipt of the device, Home Automate will undertake testing of the device and provide the customer with a response.