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Home Automate - We have been installing Loxone smart home systems since 2014. As installers, we noticed most people looking to create a smart home, have already invested in standalone smart products which either they will have to replace or had no way of using in their new system. Our experience also highlighted that no-one in the UK offered a voice control option for Loxone smart homes whilst was needed to be available for customers.

Therefore, we create the 'Core' a subscription device which enables voice control for any Loxone smart home and also integration with third-party devices meaning end-users can expand their smart home or include previously purchased products. The Core's dashboard enables trigger actions so inputs from non-compatible devices can trigger actions in other smart devices to create a more intelligent smart home.

Our vision is to create a seamless link between your smart home and smart devices.

What Inspired Us To Create The Core

The Core, originally created for our own dream. Connecting some of our own, most loved, Smart home technology- and what Smart home lover doesn’t want the ability to be able to talk to their home, right?!
Well now, thanks to The Core all your dreams have come true. Setting the mark of new improved smart home technology, we can now bring all your most-loved devices together in safe harmony.

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