Product Details

Make It Connect - The Core

The latest must-have smart home device that allows a Loxone smart home to be controlled by your voice and the combining of multiple smart devices to utilise each other's sensors to create a more intelligent smart home.

Made In Britain

Every Core is produced at our own facility meaning we check each device before it's distributed to all the smart homes around the globe.

Committed To Expansion

We're dedicated to offering a continually improving product within your subscription - As more smart devices come on the market, as long as they provide an open API, our team will be committed to expanding the Core's service.

A 3D Printed Product

To ensure that we could monitor the production of every Core device - We took the initiative to utilise 3D printing for the creation of each device case. This type of production still allows for high-quality finishing and we're able to ensure it meets all our standards and internal checks.

What's In The Box

Designed for the most simple installation, once purchased you'll receive:

1 x The Core
1 x Ethernet Cable
1 x Power Cable
1 x Connection Guide

Make It Connect - The Core

We're committed to continually expanding the Core's system - Discover more about the Core today.

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