Subscription-based service with a rolling monthly contract for the most flexibility for your smart home

Introducing our subscription based voice control

Enjoy voice control in a Loxone smart home and all compatible brands by purchasing a Core and enrolling onto our monthly subscription plan to be in control of when you want voice integration.

Device Cost - £100.00

This initial payment is required at the start of your subscription to purchase the Core (excludes delivery). Alongside your subscription, your Core delivery will include everything you will need to get started.

Monthly Subscription - £7.99

Your monthly subscription will allow The Core to connect to your compatible smart devices or systems and will include any software updates which allow for the expansion of compatible devices so you'll be continually at the forefront of a more intelligent smart home.


Shipping LocationCostDelivery Time
UK£5.00 + VAT3 - 5 working days
Europe€20.00 + VAT5 - 10 working days*
Outside Europe$25.005 - 10 working days*

* International delivery may take longer than specified.

A More Intelligent Smart Home

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