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Understanding The Core

The Core is designed to create a simple link for voice control to a Loxone smart home and also other smart devices so they can utilise each other inputs to create a smarter home.

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‘My home, My data’

The Core was created to ensure that your smart home can be connected to your most loved smart devices with secure end-to-end encryption, providing your smart home with maximum security and greater functionality.

Yes, the Core is available globally!

Yes! All you need to do is connect the network cable from your router to the Core, plug it into power and done! The Core will then auto-scan your network for compatible devices.

If using a Loxone system, The Core copies all devices and locations setup by your Loxone installer. Sometimes names have default values and can cause the dashboard to look a little messy. You can clean this up by renaming and moving devices to correct locations on the dashboard.

You will most likely need to train or retrain your Voice Match with Google Assistant. To do this follow

the instructions below:

  • Open Google Home application.
  • Press the account icon in the top right.
  • Select Assistant settings.
  • Scroll and find ‘Voice Match’ and select.
  • Find ‘Voice model’ and then retrain your voice.

Some devices act through servers (sometimes called hubs). These devices usually require you to enter a username or password or click a button in order to link them to the Core. If you see a device listed under servers, click the device name, select "Configure Device" and then follow any instructions that appear.

Some devices have special ways of being discovered and therefore are not enabled by default on the core. Be sure to check the Core Settings page to enable support for any other devices you may have.

Our pricing is broken down into two parts.

Device (incl VAT) - £100.00 + Shipping
Monthly rolling subscription - £7.99 a month (incl VAT)

Our shipping pricing depends on delivery location.

UK Delivery - £5.00 + VAT
Europe - €20.00 + VAT
Outside Europe - $25.00

Yes, we currently have integrations for some devices from Phillips hue, LIFX, Somfy, Ikea, and select Tasmota based devices.

And to top all that off, coming from a development company we always have an eye out for 'the next best thing' so be assured, if there is a new device on the market, we're already working on configuring it with our Core device.

If you already have or are looking to get a Loxone Smart Home then the core acts as a bridge between Loxone and other devices. For example, you can add links between a Loxone light and Phillips Hue so that if you change your Loxone light, the changes are also applied to the Phillips Hue.

If making your house a smart home has always been a dream of yours, well you’ve come to the right place.
Please leave us your e-mail and one of our Home Automate experts will be in touch to help you choose the smartest option for you, free of charge.

Make It Connect Core supports more than just Loxone devices, so you might be able to control more devices outside your Loxone system. Cool isn’t it!

Once connected your core will begin discovering devices on your network. Visit your dashboard and follow the next steps.

You should start to see devices pop up on your dashboard. Some devices listed under "Server" may require you to enter linking details before lights and other devices show up. For example, if you have a Loxone server, click the name of the server and select device settings. You will then be able to enter your Loxone username and password to enable the core to discover your devices.

The currently supported languages by Google and Alexa are:


For more information on setting the language on your google devices please see:

Our dashboard for managing your devices and placing orders is only in English currently but can easily be translated by using any modern browser (Firefox and Edge require extensions).

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