9 Google Home Tips For Music Lovers

Voice Control is one of the most appealing aspects of Home Automation. It gives you more control over devices and appliances and it's definitely more comfortable. The Home Automation market offers excellent smart home entertainment devices that are the perfect fit for people looking to make a smooth transition into the home automation world. Google knows how to make great home automation devices and its Google Home is no exception. Music enthusiasts can make the best out of this technology and enhance the quality of their house.

One of the first things you notice about Google Home is its ability to stream from almost any source; even if you don't ́t remember the name of the tune you want to play. It is extremely intuitive and it excels at voice control. Another plus is its price tag, £89 for this exceptionally reliable smart speaker.

What's not to like about Google Home? It's all about voice control like you´ve never seen before. Read on to find the best tips to make the best out of your Google Home.

Smart Sleep Timer

It's bedtime and you want to keep listening to music until you fall asleep. However, you don't want the unit to keep playing music all night long, right? Well, no problem, you can definitely use the sleep timer. All you have to do is tell the unit for how long you want it to be on. You can say: “Google, stop playing music in 30 minutes. That's it,Google Home will do as you say.

Enjoy The New Youtube Music

Maybe the song you ́re looking for, it's not on Spotify or Google Play Music, you can use the new YouTube Music to find alternate & rare versions of your favourite tracks.

Smart Music Alarm

You can also enjoy the voice control feature in Google Home and set up your favourite songs as alarms. You only need to say things like “Google, please wake me up at 7:30 to my morning playlist. Google Home can use a playlist or any other specific song from literally any artist. This is having voice control capabilities to the fullest.

Song Identifier

It happens sometimes that we ́re watching TV and suddenly we hear a tune or a piece of music and we don't ́t know the name of the song. Well, usually what we do is pull out our cell phone and try to Shazam it as soon as possible. Now all you have to do is ask your Google Home. Take voice control to a whole new level and say: “Google what song is this” or “Who's singing that song”. Your very own Google Assistant will give you the name of the song or artist right away.

External Music Apps

We all know that Google Home goes way beyond being just a smart speaker. It comes with plenty of access to third-party music apps for you to enjoy but they also have mini-games for you to enjoy too. They ́re music and lyrics quiz games for all the trivia aficionados out there. Google Home also comes with an assistant app that gives you new songs from independent artists each day.

Google Home and Chromecast

If you have the combo of Google Home and Chromecast, you can use Google Home to control Chromecast and play Youtube videos or Youtube Music right on your TV. Not just that, you can also play Spotify or Google Play Music. Just ask your Google Home device to play on your Chromecast.

Just say the lyrics to find the name of a song

Can ́t remember the name of a song but you know some of the lyrics? Just ask Google Home like: “Google, play the song that goes: When I was young..” or simply mentioned where you heard the song, so you can say things like Google, play Whitney Houston ́s song in “The Bodyguard”. You may have to enhance your voice control skills to have good communication with Google, but you will have tons of fun.

Multiroom Audio

A great feature of Google Home is that you can connect multiple Google Home speakers at the same time. You just have to make sure all your Google Home smart speakers are connected to the same wifi network. On settings, you have to create an audio group, after that, you ́re free to enjoy streaming music through all your Google Home devices, enjoying its useful voice control features.

Don ́t Forget The Set-up

Right after you get home with your Google Home smart speaker, make sure you set it up correctly. You can download the app which is available for iOS and Android. Then you need to choose your preferred music service. After you link your accounts, you can change between music providers. Just tell Google Home which one you wish to use. 

There you have it, nine tips on Google Home, one of the greatest smart home devices ever designed. The perfect starting point to Home Automation technology. If you have any questions or doubts about this or any other smart home device queries, do not hesitate to ask us.