Google's expanding smart home devices

The race is on, and all the big names in the home automation industry are competing to be the brand with the biggest line of smart home tech. Amazon, Samsung, they’re all playing their big cards to offer better & smarter solutions to customers. Well, Google is no exception and they keep expanding their line of smart home devices. Even Apple has joined the race with its rather new approach to the smart home market. We’ll review some of Google’s new smart home products today, so read on because you’re likely to find the smart home solution you’ve been looking for.


When it comes to smart home technology, people rarely think about mobile devices. Paradoxically,  mobile phones are usually implemented as the primary method for smart home device control.

Google Pixel 3

This is Google’s take on smartphone devices. Other brands, like Samsung, are currently focused on supersized solutions, like the Galaxy Fold, Google bets on a more traditional approach. A single 12MP camera on the back and two on the front. This device relies heavily on AI (Artificial Intelligence), the aid of Google Assistant enhances the device’s potential, like improving camera performance.

This is the third year since Google launched its Pixel series and they seem to be betting on bringing the best of smart home technology into the smartphone universe and vice-versa. Google Assistant has sold over half-billion units and it can integrate with more than 5,000 devices, this goes to show how capable Google is at handling smart home technology.

Smart Displays

The Echo Show is the latest smart display creation by Amazon. Google stepped up and delivered the Home Hub.

The Google Home Hub is a smart display despite the name. It’s essentially a 7-inch display with a built-in smart speaker. The best of two worlds. This smart hub will help you control compatible smart devices. Over 5,000 devices from over 400 smart home device manufacturers. In all fairness, this one here maybe won’t have the same functionality as Samsung’s Wink Hub for example, but it definitely does deliver. A great option for any smart home tech enthusiast. Compared to Amazon’s Echo, Google offers a full-range speaker, so don’t get your hopes too high. 

The 7-inch display comes in very handy and it’s certainly the aspect where Google made most efforts. The Google Home Hub display provides an elegant visual edge. Now, Google’s Smart Hub is far from being the best smart display in the market but it’s certainly an excellent device to use with Google Assistant. Plus it’s more likely to fit a wider range of budgets and it gets the work done. Point for Google.

Smart Speakers

This is a highly competitive market because there are many manufacturers, but it all comes down to the triumvirate: Google, Apple, and Amazon. Amazon with their Echo line, Apple with the HomePod and Google with their three Smart Speaker solutions.

Google Home

Here you have the perfect device to make the best out of Google Assistant for your smart home. Total hands-free control of the smart home tech devices you own. Google Home has the best size that fits practically anywhere in your home (5.5 inches tall / 3.8 inches around ).

Now, in terms of sound quality, you’ll be able to enjoy your streaming music but don’t expect a complete room-filler sound experience. That’s how Google rolls, they may not deliver the best sound experience but you sure can enjoy and make the most out of the smart side of the device, which is what Google is great at. You ́ll get the best search results plus total control of the smart home kit through simple voice commands.

Google Home Mini

This is cutting edge smart speaker technology in the smallest size. A down point is that the Google Home Mini can ́t be hooked up to an external speaker, it only connects through Bluetooth. The best part is the administrative assistance provided by Google Assistant. The looks on the Google Home Mini are also quite appealing because of its fabric finish which comes as a breath of fresh air to the usual plastic look from most smart home devices.

A simple set up and basic sound qualities make this the perfect gift for that someone you wish to introduce into the Home Automation world nice and easy.

Google Home Max

This is the big one. Not just in size, its price is hefty too, but it delivers in every aspect. The first one is, obviously, the sound. The Google Home Max delivers fully in the sound capabilities department. It also offers the possibility of a truly immersive sound experience because you can pair several speakers if you want. It also has integration capabilities with other compatible speakers.

Just like with any other smart speaker from Google, you get the entire Google Assistant experience. The Google Home Max comes with far-field recognition which allows owners to be heard from the unit from a considerable distance.

A truly smart speaker with powerful and state-of-the-art sound proficiency. The best addition to any Smart Home out there.

Smart/Mesh Wifi

It wasń't until the smart home culture was somewhat established as more than just a trend that we realized that a smart home requires strong wifi connections. Something stronger, with more capabilities than regular routers. This is a particularly stressful problem for larger houses with many smart devices all trying to compete to get more bandwidth. Naturally better and improved routers were needed.

Google Wifi

A great mesh system to connect your entire house. Google wifi uses modular wifi points to provide a full-strength signal through the entire house. Only by using one module you can cover up to 1,500 square feet, the whole package offers another three modules and covers 4,500 square feet.

Incredibly easy to set up and extremely easy to use. It also comes with an app which is friendly and super responsive. Google Wifi comes with dual-band Wifi, this helps to avoid lower frequency congestion. Google Wifi optimizes all devices in order for them to receive the appropriate wifi connection. You're free to make all the necessary changes. Finally, it comes with parental control features. Additional nodes can be added if your house needs it.

Having mesh wifi in your smart home is the best move to guarantee that everything runs smoothly when operating your smart home devices. 

Google Smart Home Technology Expansion

As you may know, Google is always looking for new companies offering promising solutions in order to expand their brand. Well, smart home technology is no exception. For instance, during 2014, Google acquired home automation company Nest. Google paid 3.2 billion us dollars for this company.

The company who runs these transactions is Google’s parent company called Alphabet, Nest is only the eighth company who has become part of Google’s expanding smart home catalogue. In addition to Nest, Google also has recently purchased other tech companies, like Calico, GV, Verily, Waymo, Access among others. 

The story between Google and Nest has been odd since the beginning. One year after the purchase, Nest started operating as a separate company during 2015, but still attached to Alphabet. That was until 2018 when Nest was brought back into Google. Immediate plans right now include turning Nest into a powerful addition to Google’s hardware unit. 

This new team is responsible for boosting Nest’s successful trajectory. They’ve sold more devices after joining Google again than ever before. Here you have some of their most acclaimed smart home solutions so far: 

Nest Cam Indoor/Outdoor

This is a perfect surveillance device. Whether you use it to keep an eye on your kids - or pets, they’re too family members - while you’re not home. In fact, you can keep a vigilant eye on any part of your house. It’s also great for businesses, as it will help you to keep an extra eye on your staff.

These devices come in enhanced versions as well, which include 4K sensors plus intelligent software that can tell if the object moving around your premises is an animal, or an object or an actual person. What else could you ask for?

Nest Thermostat E

Also a great starting point for future smart home enthusiasts. This model is the smallest of Nest’s smart thermostat line, but it manages to deliver at the same level as its older siblings.

Nest Learning

The first truly smart heating device is quite popular in the market right now. It keeps your house with the exact temperature you want for each occasion. In addition to this, it helps you to save energy and money on utilities.

Nest Hello Doorbell

A smart doorbell that integrates completely with Google Home Hub. A truly intelligent doorbell that will keep you posted about anyone getting near your house. You can enjoy more features with a paid subscription, but even without the paid features, you can get the most out of this intelligent device.

Nest Secure

This is basically a security system with a DIY (Do It Yourself) component which makes it more appealing for smart home technology newcomers, which is great, except for the price tag which is rather hefty on this one. It comes with sensors and with Google Assistant for more control and convenience.

Nest Yale Lock

This is one of the coolest devices out there. I mean we all have struggled with lost keys or the uncertainty of not knowing if you took them or not before leaving the house. This is one of the best co-op creating among a lockmaster like Yale and a smart home genius like Nest.

Smart Streaming Devices

Entertainment is still one of the fundamental reasons for smart home technology, therefore Google is also betting high on streaming devices. Google ́s big stars here are Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast is a device you connect to your TV through HDMI port to enhance its smartness. Then you can use either a mobile phone or your computer and use them as controllers. Using this technology you can stream a vast array of video content directly on your smart TV. You can also use the device to mirror from a browser. It's compatible with many Android handsets. This device is powered by USB and runs on an alternate version of Chrome OS. It's like a bridge between your TV set and your streaming provider.

Newer versions come with an optional Ethernet adapter for better connectivity. Chromecast is definitely the best way to have portable supersized streaming content available at all times.  The Chrome Cast Ultra costs twice as much as regular Google Chromecast, but in return, you get 4K, HDR content resolution.

Google Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another big part of Home Automation technology and it’s certainly one of the friendliest entry points to smart home technology. It’s quite popular amongst smart home tech enthusiast and Google knows it. Here’s Google’s take on smart lighting technology.

Google’s Smart Light Starter Kit

If anyone ever asks about the easiest way to introduce Artificial Intelligence for Smart Homes to another individual, it has to be with these kit. Even better, you can use a smart bulb, like the ones from Philips or GE Life bulb, and use it through a Google Home Mini to appreciate the effectiveness of a virtual assistant. Nothing’s cooler than turning the light on/off using just your voice.

The smart light starter kit is perfect for those who are reluctant of the benefits of Smart Home technology or Voice Control capabilities. Plus it comes with an affordable price tag to make it more irresistible to new customers. 

The smart bulb, like all the ones of its kind, it's dimmable and you can use it through your voice or through a friendly app you can download on your mobile. A perfect gift for Home Automation neophytes.  It could also be the perfect gift for yourself in case you’re wondering about the wonders of smart home technology, without spending big money on it.

There you have it, an in-depth look at one of the biggest brands in the home automation industry: Google. Remember that we are your best allies for any question or doubt about Home Automation. Click here so we can help your inquiries about these or any other products.