Google Home and Sonos

Sonos has recently added Google Assistant as a downloadable software update. The update started in the united states but is expected to be available in additional countries shortly. These are big news and there’s a lot of expectation on how enhanced the Sonos sound experience is going to be after it meets Google’s virtual assistant.

Sonos is not only bringing Google Assistant into their user experience, but they’re also becoming pioneers in incorporating the aid of a virtual assistant within a sound system..for the second time. As you may know, Sonos already has Amazon’s Alexa built-in in some of their products.  Its a breakthrough for this powerful platform who still bets on giving their users more power and control of their sound experience.

This free update was only available initially only in the US, during July 2019 it has been spreading to other countries, like Canada, The Netherlands, France and the UK. More countries will be added as months go by.

Google Assistant is present in Sonos in two forms: As a built-in component, like on the Sonos Beam or Sonos One. Users can also opt to connect their Sonos unit to a Google Home device. You can use Google Assistant with Sonos to manage your smart home, check the weather or simply to hear a favourite tune. SONOS wants to deliver an entertainment tool people can use to bring more power into the way they enjoy the sound. Giving users more voice control seems the right way to do it.

This update brings the best of Google Assistant technology and blends it with the whole line-up of Sonos products. These ideas are the ones putting us closer to the dream of having voice control capabilities over every aspect of a smart home. 

This Google-Sonos “partnership” is allowing Sonos users to choose or combines between two virtual assistants. For instance, people can have Alexa working through the Sonos One in a designated area of the house while having Google Assistant working on the Sonos Beam in a whole different area. It also opens up the ability to interact with two virtual assistants at the same time. In the end, it all comes down to the way you want your sound experience to be.